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    GaiaNetwork ensures and pays maximum attention in data transmission.
    You can use info in advance or whenever you need them.
    Thanks to GaiaNetwork, the contact with the distribution or production becomes a sub-step touching what you have already seen on video. An audience larger than the traditional one

    The current system of internal work involves a computer to link to production and distribution.

    This system is designed to process the first contacts with the customer, working first around a table and moving later to the vision of materials in different showrooms, c/o agents, distributors or manufacturers.

    This is a shortcut to get in contact with different manufacturers, with an agent in a specific area or with a dealer and to make personal and direct arrangements.

    Our goal is to facilitate sales to tens / hundreds of insiders (committed showroom, designers, enterprises and so on…)

    All the technical, commercial information, logistics and distribution tasks are managed and transmitted by the GAIA offices and / or directly by the technicians and traders of the production.

    GAIA pick out manufacturers able to satisfy the demand of materials for the furniture in construction. Generally they are small / medium companies producing forthe high end of the market, most of them (80%) made in ITALY and the others made in EUROPE ( Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark , Holland and Sweden).
    They are all companies with high production flexibility, almost artisan.

    Benefits of GAIA system are:

    • meritocracy: everybody can become a part of GaiaNetwork, in every way and with no geografic or time limits. You don’t need to have particolar technical skills.
    • direct contact between the customer and the manufacturer or the dealer, guaranteed both in terms of quality and feasibility of the project ordered.

    While designers have focused on the aesthetics and design of their project, the manufacturers on production and installers on mount, GaiaNetwork is committed to link together all the actors involved in the project implementation.

    A rich and advanced system that goes beyond the simple distribution.

    Gaia is a Network of top quality manufacturers making building finishes and working in the design sector. Gaia Network offers materials and products of high technical and aesthetic value.  In its own database, Gaia suggests materials of one type or product line made by one manufacturer, the best one available in that specific marketplace.
    Gaia Network links the user to the its distribution, the designer with its technical units and the manufacturer with his reference market.
    Gaia Network is not a product adv channel. Each manufacturer become part of Gaia Network, not just paying a subscription fee, but through a choice and a strict selection of his standards of quality. In order to assure the top quality, without influencing it in anyway. Last, but not least, Gaia Network provides program and operating systems.


    Gaia website is a corporate library available for high quality design in three steps.

    first - choose one or more images you're interested in;
    second - identify your products;
    third - receive information by Gaianetwork.

    A Library of 73 producers, the most important library of products made in Italy useful for high quality design.

    The web library is built in Volumes (Volume 1st, Volume 2nd, etc) with images representing collections, settings and referring info about every production.
    You can see products and collections just clicking the thumbnail (small image).

    How to use
    You can store all the images showing products you’re interested in designing.

    How to save your choice
    Saving your search and images you chose is really simple, ‘cause it’s enough you click your favourites images and they will be automatically saved.
    You can repeat this choice in every Volume you like or you’re interested in.

    Your selection of images will be saved in an main folder.

    During your design work, you can check and change your selections whenever you prefer and you can also return to them at a later time.

    If you’re looking for a deeper analysis, a feasibility study or contexts of production, you have just to send your project to Gaia Network.

    Keep in mind that:
    you can ask us to receive your selected images in an higher resolution in order to get the best results in your design layouts;

    you can print those images by your own but you can also ask to Gaia Network to send them directly to the address you provided us.